World Record Ducks is a rumored Sitting Ducks episode.


The episode starts with the sun rising up, as Bill, Ed, Oly and Waddle wake up after the alarm clock. After waking up, they get dressed, brush their teeth and race down the stairs, but end up bumping down the stairs as they fall. They eat breakfast then decide to go tandem riding on the scooter. While riding, they see the boys doing activities, as Ed thinks they were hit on the head this morning. Ed asks Arvy what are they doing, and he tells him they are breaking world records. Arvy is riding a scooter attached to his bike, Ally is eating all the ice cream he gets, but stop when he gets a brain freeze, Raoul is flies down, trying to hit the target, but keep missing, Fred is making the biggest ice sculpture in the history of ice and Wallace is rolling Bally down the corner seeing how long he goes. Bill, Ed, Oly and Waddle are surprised by this, and Arvy asks where are their world records, while mocking them. Ed then tells him that he and Bill, Oly and Waddle are going to break some world records.

They go home, as Ed tells his brothers Bill, Oly and Waddle that they will break some world records and rub it in Arvy's face. The first thing they did was riding a scooter attached to a skateboard with Waddle riding the scooter and Bill, Ed and Oly on the skateboard. While riding, Bill tells Waddle to control his speed, but all he heard was "Speed Waddle" and he put the scooter on full speed, causing the skateboard to strap loose, sending Bill, Ed and Oly flying around the town and hit a brick wall. The second thing they did was building the biggest blocks. Right when Bill was about to put the finishing touches on the blocks, Waddle sneezes causing the blocks to fall apart. The third thing they did was blowing the biggest bubble gum in history, but pops when the bubble gum gets attached to each other. The fourth thing they did was making the biggest pizza, but Ed put too much dough on it, causing it explode.

More later.