Raoul Moves In is a rumored Sitting Ducks episode.


Raoul was having rent troubles, and temporarily moves in, and he lived in their shed.


  • (Raoul knocks rapidly on the backyard door, and Aldo opens it)
  • Aldo: "Yes?"
  • (Raoul is shaking and holding it, and he has literally turned aqua)
  • Raoul: "Uh, Senor Aldo? May I use the little crow's room?"
  • Aldo: "You mean the bathroom? Yes, but you're gonna have to wait. I think someone's up there."
  • (Raoul runs up the stairs and stops to the bathroom door, where he stands there holding it and whimpers. The sound of flushing are the water faucet are heard, making Raoul shivering some more. After that, Bill comes out)
  • Raoul: "Finally!"
  • (He picks up Bill and put him down on the other side)
  • Raoul: "Excuse me, Senor Bill! I have to go to the restroom, my bladder can't take it!"
  • (He runs in the bathroom, and uses it. He flushes the toilet, and comes out, back to his normal color sheme)
  • Raoul: "There! At least I got that taken care of."