Pest of a Guest is the episode from Sitting Ducks


on the begining Bill was painting and Raoul appears and when Bill accidentally smash the window on his foot he takes advantage of his foot and somebody knocked on the door and saw the dancebox that when Raoul ordered and invited his freinds and did a dance and Bill got mad and went to the Decoy Cafe and told Aldo that he could pretend to be a doctor and the was opening and shooed his freinds out and sat on the couch and Bill and Aldo is there and did'nt took advantage of his foot and gets the cast and got it on his body and ran out the apartment and Bill ran after him and telling him that it was a joke and tries to hide in a somebody's wagon but Bill slipped on a bannana pill and fall on the wagon and made it rolled away all over the neighborhood and the chicken was rolled away too and pucked Bill's nose and got runned over in a truck and there foot got smashed too and got to the hospital and the chicken laid an egg at The End