Lost Ball is a rumored Sitting Ducks episode.


During the 4th of July, the ducks help Ally find his ball, which is tossed to the other side of the fence with a bulldog.


  • (The ducks go inside the fence, first Ed, then Oly, then Waddle and lastly Bill)
  • Oly: "Well, where's the ball?"
  • Ed: "There it is!"
  • (A doghouse appears, with a bulldog inside growling)
  • Ed: "I knew we'd get that ball!"
  • (The bulldog comes out the fence, and comes up to the ducks, who hold on to each other in fear, screaming)
  • (The bulldog almost caught, but is stuck on the chain)
  • Bill: "I think we should leave!"
  • Ed: "No! We're getting that stupid ball for Ally!"
  • (The bulldog barks while Ed gets the ball)
  • (Waddle closes his eyes)
  • Ed: "I got it, let's go!"
  • (The ducks get out the fence, first Ed, then Oly and then Waddle)
  • (The bulldog is trying to set free from the chain to get Bill)
  • Oly: "Come on, Bill! Hurry!"
  • Bill: "Oh, boy!"
  • (Bill tries to jump over the fence, but can't)
  • Bill: "I can't jump over the fence myself, it's too high!"
  • (The doghouse comes loose, as the bulldog still try to get Bill)
  • (Ed, Oly and Waddle ran away, screaming, leaving the ball back in the fence with Bill, who is also screaming)
  • (Ed, Oly and Waddle continue running back to the fence to their backyard, they pant after running)
  • Arvy: "Well? Where is it?"
  • Ed: "Huh?"
  • Arvy: "The ball!"
  • Ed: "Oh, Bill has it."
  • Ally: "Where is he?"
  • Ed: "Stuck in the fence with that bulldog."
  • Aldo: "What? Bill!"
  • (The chain comes loose from the bulldog, as it runs to Bill. He starts screaming)
  • (Aldo hears Bill screaming, and sees him about to be attacked by the bulldog)
  • Aldo: "Bill! Don't worry, I'm coming to get ya!"
  • (Aldo runs out from the backyard to the fence to save his buddy. Bill continues screaming until Aldo comes up to the fence)
  • Bill: "Aldo!"
  • (He growls at the bulldog, which scares him, causing him to run back into the doghouse)