A Sitting Ducks Halloween is a rumored Sitting Ducks episode.




  • (The angry boys comes up, haunting down Bill, Ed, Oly and Waddle)
  • Ed: "I'm too young to die!"
  • Oly: "What do we do?"
  • Waddle: "Follow me!"
  • (Waddle grabs Bill, Ed and Oly, brings them to a big, deep hole and drops them)
  • (Bill, Ed and Oly scream while falling)
  • Waddle: (preparing to fall and gets a broken door to hide from the boys) "All for one!"
  • (The boys come up to the door)
  • (Waddle lands on Ed's back)
  • Ed: "Waddle, would you please get off me? NOW?!"
  • Waddle: (yawns, while taking off his costume and putting on pajamas) "The darkness of the outside is over, I saved the day, and now, I'm pooped!"
  • Ed: (throws a boulder on Waddle's face) "You idiot! How are we suppose to go trick-or-treating?!"
  • Oly: "Yeah!"
  • Bill: "Well, look on the bright side guys. We didn't cause much damage, well sort of".
  • (The broken door is removed, a ladder appears)
  • Wallace: "See? Bally was right!"
  • Ed: (frightened) "Uh, Waddle, they found us! Do something!"
  • Waddle: "I'm tired! I'm just gonna read and take a nap!"
  • (The boys are climbing down from their ladders)
  • Raoul: "I'm getting Alligator Bill!"
  • Arvy: "I'm gonna get the has-been monster!"
  • Ally: "Oooh, wait until I get my hands on you!"
  • Wallace: "We are gonna kick some tails!"
  • Bill: (frightened) "Oh, boy! Waddle, if there was a time to have your horror movie allusions, now it's the perfect time!"
  • Oly: (frightened) "Do something, little brother of ours!"
  • Ed: (while being grabbed by Arvy) "Come on! Get your mighty sword!"
  • Oly: (while being grabbed by Wallace) "Or, we'll be done for!"
  • Bill: (while being grabbed by Raoul) "Do something, Waddle!"
  • Waddle: (yawns)
  • (The boys begin to pounce on the boys, with a Boxing Fight Bell Ding plays two times, with a voice shouting "Fight!", after that, the boys begin to beat up Bill, Ed and Oly)
  • (Waddle gets another allusion, but doesn't see violence and horror, he only sees Bill, Ed and Oly celebrating his triumphs over the monsters by frolicking in flowers)
  • Waddle: "Aw! That's so sweet!"
  • (Waddle continues reading his newspaper, while the boys beat up Bill, Ed and Oly, they scream in pain while being beaten)


  • If you hear closely, while Bill, Ed and Oly are being attacked by the boys, you can hear Bill's shouts from "Mind Over Mallard".
  • When Waddle's allusions start, you can hear the Howie scream.
  • While the boys were attacking Bill, Ed and Oly, you can the sounds of a chimpanzee, a dog and a cat.